Rejecting the Rapture Hoax

For many years now, a large segment of God’s people have been taught the imminent return of Jesus. The idea that Jesus is coming at any moment has led to fanciful speculation and date setting. One date setter was a Baptist farmer and lay-preacher named William Miller. Based on his understanding of  Daniel 8:14 "Until … Continue reading Rejecting the Rapture Hoax

Being Caught Up

Being Caught Up  The “Harpazo” (Rapture) of the Church In any discussion it is important to define technical words, lest there be misunderstanding. After 1830, a new word was introduced into the consciousness of the church that needs to be defined. That word is the word, rapture. Why this particular word has found so much … Continue reading Being Caught Up

Listen to the Suffering Saints

In 2011, Gene Gurganus published Islam: Past, Present, Future in which he stated, “In the sphere of Biblical revelation, seven empires have come and gone: Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Media-Persian, Greece, Roman, Islamic (Ottoman).” In October, 2013, Michele Bachmann stated, “I believe the battles in Syria are all part of the prophecies of the Book of … Continue reading Listen to the Suffering Saints