If I could be the biblical woman, I would like to be….

“I would have the faith of Sarah,
the loveliness of Rachel,
the foresight of Rebecca,
and the humility of Ruth.

I would have the persistent prayer life of Hannah,
and the courage of Esther.

I would be as brave as Deborah,
and as wise as Abigail.

I would be as glorious as Mary,
As gracious as Martha,
and as generous as JoAnna.

If I could be the biblical woman I would like to be, 

I would have the eyes of Eve who was able to see sin and weep.
I would have the voice of Miriam who sang the praises of God.
I would have the moral strength of Jael,
and I would have the business mind of Lydia, the seller of purple.

I would have the heart of Mary Magdalene, who loved Christ completely.
I would have the knees of those women in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost, who knelt in prayer, and received the Holy Spirit.
I would have the feet of the woman of Samaria who ran to tell others saying, “Come and see the Savior.”

Most of all, I would be like Jesus in His sacrificial love. He loved me, and gave Himself for me.


Written for Laura Murrell

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